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My Girl friend and I are both blind.

Mona LaCovey – Blind Leading the Blind

MOna LaCovey - Blind Leading the Blind Mona LaCovey says He sleeps with his 13 year old Girlfriend Every nightMy Girl friend and I are both blind. We Call Her Lil’Girl Mona Known in Annapolis Real … [Read More...]

142 Georgetown

Excellent Condition Overview Maps Photos Features Description IDX Search $163,500 Single Family Home Main Features … [Read More...]

205 Holly Rd

Like a Brand New House Overview Maps Photos Features Description Video IDX Search $339,900 Single Family Home Main … [Read More...]

266 Wintergull Annapolis MD

Excellent 4 level townhome Overview Maps Photos Features IDX Search $2,400 Residential Rental Main Features 4 … [Read More...]


Mona LaCovey Loves Me

Mona LaCovey loves Me along with three other dogs in our household. There's my brother Noodles and I who were both resues from an elderly lady who had 14 dogs. Believe me fighting for food was … [Read More...]


The Right Decision for Annapolis MD Homes

A year ago we sat in our family room of our starter home with goals of selling it and moving to a bigger and forever Annapolis MD  home.  We were not sure where to begin so we contacted Mona.  That … [Read More...]

Mona LaCovey says Be Yourself

Mona LaCovey says Be yourself everyone else is already taken. ― Oscar Wilde - Mona LaCovey … [Read More...]

Annapolis Area Market Insights

This Annapolis area Market insight is brought to you by Mona LaCovey from articles <a href=""><img … [Read More...]

Make sure your water is safe

Annapolis Well Testing

Timely Annapolis Well Testing; is important; If you have an Annpolis well system and are selling your home, there is a very good chance your Annapolis well will fail for bacteria. The … [Read More...]

Sun Screen saves energy

Beat the Annapolis heat

Everyone wants to sell you on ways to Beat the Annapolis heat Buy a swimming pool, a new air conditioning system, here are a few things you can do that don’t cost much: Close your curtains in … [Read More...]

Mona LaCovey sponsors the moon Bounce at the Cape St Claire Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival is Coming

The Cape St Claire Strawberry Festival is JUNE 1ST One of our most popular communities, for Annapolis real estate is where our clients buy and sell homes is in the community of "Cape St Clair' where … [Read More...]

Beckie Closw

Beckie Clow Joins Mona LaCovey

Beckie Clow Joins Mona LaCovey Beckie Clow is now Becoming a Licensed Realtor in MD In early June of 2012, Beckie Clow joined Mona LaCovey & Assoc as a processor and real estate assistant. … [Read More...]

Mona and Steve work together

Our Anniversary

It's Mona LaCovey's 13th Wedding Anniversary Mona LaCovey Enjoys Her Diner and a New Tablet Guess What? Tuesday August 28, 2012 is the thirteenth wedding anniversary for Mona LaCovey. We'll be … [Read More...]

Butterflys Like Mona

Even the Butterflies Like Mona

Trust In Real Estate Is Hard To Find Mona LaCovey has Trust in Real Estate by her peers and all that really know her. In the real estate industry there are many types of experts that make buying a … [Read More...]

Someday people are

Some Day People are going to wish…

[Read More...]